Episode 126 - Flappy Bird is a Corolla

We kick off this week with Jessica scolding our guest from last week’s show. Yes, you read that right. But it all has something to do with games, we swear!

Other than scolding people and solving mysteries, Jessica tries a game on the advice of a listener and finds it super hard, yet she somehow can’t stop playing it. What madness is this? Meanwhile, a game based loosely on a beloved Twitter account is very average, but hey, at least it’s free.

Anna tries to be a hardcore mobile gamer and shuns a game that seems too easy, but isn’t drawn in by one that’s much more challenging. Where oh where is the happy medium? Add to that a badly monetized, cheesy visual novel from Ubisoft, and it has been a somewhat odd gaming week.  

Turning to the news, we wonder if we should be annoyed with Nintendo (answer: usually yes, but possibly not in this case), squee about Tim Cook’s visit to ustwo, and mull over the big news from Steam this week. A big change is coming, but will it help or hurt indie developers and the platform as a whole?

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