Episode 131 - Fake Horsey Girl

Jessica and Anna are back with a vengeance from PAX East and GDC respectively, and we have a lot to talk about. We played some new games on our journeys of course, but the best part about any conference is the people!

Jessica’s love affair with horsey games has taken a bizarre turn, thanks to a new friend from PAX East. It’s weird, it’s unsettling, and it might have some problematic elements! What is this mystery game? You’ll need to listen to find out.

Anna might have a new favorite developer after GDC (and he certainly knows how to entice Jessica to play his game) but is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship or the dawn of a frustrating, rage-inducing future? (Spoiler alert: it’s both :-))

A big change has also come to the games area of the App Store and we think it rocks. And is Jessica more powerful and influential than she realizes? All signs point to yes!

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Episode 130 – The Unconsoleable Time Machine

With Anna recovering from GDC and Jessica away at PAX East, we decided to take you on another trip down memory lane, to our first real episode. We'll be back with new content next week, but meanwhile we hope you enjoy another blast from the past!

Wooohooo, we made it to episode two! Wait, that's not really a big accomplishment. Or is it? You tell us, dear listeners. 

On this episode we talk about Steam's new discovery tools, SQUEEEEE about the impending Monument Valley expansion and talk waaaay too much about Desert Golfing and how games like it and Monument Valley are wonderfully relaxing. So make yourself a chamomile tea, put on a moisturizing mask and your spa robe and enjoy the show.

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Episode 129 – Still Failing After All These Years

With Anna away at GDC and Jessica ramping up the travel anxiety prior to PAX East, we decided to take a little break and re-release our very first episode, Failure in a Box.

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Hey look, it's the inaugural episode of Unconsoleable!

Learn more about your co-hosts, Anna and Jessica, our decidedly unimpressive gaming histories, why the heck we are doing this podcast, and why we game the way we do.

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Episode 128 - Accepting Delivery of My New Unicorn

Apologies for the lateness of these show notes, dear listeners. Anna is at GDC and struggling to keep up. To make it up to you, we will likely have many amazing guests in the coming months, so stay tuned!

This week we punched some Nazis, won some horse races, went golfing, hopping and mashing, and found adorable hidden things in an adorable, charming new game.

We also catch up on Unity’s 2016 mobile games report, wonder if Pokémon GO really expanded the mobile game player base, yell at Nintendo as per usual, and much, much more!

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Episode 127 - Go Straight to Jerk Jail

Both Jessica and Anna struggled to properly control a few games this week, because hey, apparently this mobile gaming gig is hard work! Luckily, a wonderful new game has come out to make us forget about all that.

And if it's a day that ends in Y, someone has said something dumb about Nintendo—and we did record this on a Friday, sooo….

Something that's way worse than dumb, though, is the PewDiePie fiasco. We "salute" Felix for finding several ways to be horrible, rather than being content with just one! And this incident calls to mind another horrible person who has recently risen to dubious prominence after winning a Madden e-sports event. Let's not reward horrible people, ok gaming industry? This isn't hard.

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